Thursday, June 30, 2011

Upcycled String T-Shirt Scarf!

I have been going through my craft room lately, looking through all of my "needs to be refashioned pile" and I found this old yet still cool Rain Forest Cafe shirt... I loved the rain forest cafe! I totally recommend it to anyone! haha Now as I was saying I found this old ribbed knit (has to be a knit) tie dyed t-shirt that was begging to be made into something pretty... do you ever have clothes that you want to refashion and know just what to do with them? That's the kind of moment I had with this shirt...
I give you... Upcycled String T-Shirt Scarf!
 Just grab any old (or new) t-shirt, scissors (or rotary cutter and mat)... Let's get started!

 Put the bottom of the T-shirt together (the hem) and cut it off (shown in two photos below).

Cut the shirt into 2 inch strips all the way up to the arm pit seam.  You should get 4-6 strips depending on the size.
 Like so!
 Now take a strip of the shirt, I had a total of 5, but you can have as many as you want!  The shirt could be white and you could dye it or you could even have (I thought about this a lot, okay) multiple t-shirts with ton's of different colors!  
 Stretch the strip as far as it will go!
Repeat with all other strips.  Gather all the stretched strips and put the together.
 Take a bit of the sleeve, stretch it, and tie a knot through all the pieces!
 Like so...
 You DONE!  Think of all the fun colors and ways you can wear it!  Here are three ways... #1 Just put it over your head.
 #2 Wrap around your head twice!
 #3 Knot to bottom..


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