Friday, June 24, 2011

The T-Shirt Bag (15 minutes tops)

This has to be one of my favorite tutorials of all time!! This is so simple, quick, fun, easy, and stylish!  I think it took me less than ten minutes to make, so that's extra brownie points! wink! I know that you are dieing to make your own... here's how.
I bring you....
Here's what you need to make this awesome bag!
Yourself (duh!)
An old shirt, any size, shape, or style....Might look awesome made from a tank top?
Sewing Machine
Let's get started!
Gather all your supplies.  Lay your T-Shirt out flat.  Since my shirt had exposed seams I didn't need to flip it inside out, but if yours doesn't have them like that then flip it!
 Next cut off the sleeves.
 Now cut the neckline down a bit (as I found mine to be too small) and don't worry about sewing it if your shirt is a knit because it rolls and doesn't fray.
 Sew about 3/4" in from the hem with a straight stitch.  Then go back and sew a wide zig zag next to it!
 Flip back out and your bag is ready to hit the stores!  They are Eco friendly and super cute!!  Just take a look at the images below!
 It matches my sisters outfit! WAY cute!!


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  2. Hi Meg!

    I just saw your bag on "My Romantic Home".....very cute and simple idea for a new bag!

  3. Thank you for joining me at my blog party Simply Creative! Stop by this Thursday and we'll party again!!



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