Friday, June 17, 2011

{tutorial} Easy Peasy Mango Pops!

I have a quick tutorial for you today... it's super easy and they taste SO good!!
I bring you... (wait for it)
How yummy do they look?? Bet you want to make your own!
Here's what you need:Popsicle Mold ~~ Wal-Mart, Target, or your can find them online.Naked Mango Liquid smoothie ~~You could subsitute this for anything liquid and you can add fruits, sweets, etc. Have fun making them!! Popsicle sticks
Gather all your supplies beforehand!Shake up your liquid.
 Rinse out your molds~~optional.

 Get your sticks ready.

 Pour to the the fill line on each mold...
 It will then look like this.

 Stick the sticks inside them! :)
 Pop into the freezer and wait a couple of hours for them to freeze!

Enjoy!  The cool thing about these is that you control what goes into it, and you can make your own flavor!

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