Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Clutch Refashion that almost didn't happen...

So I have been working on this project for almost a week now, first I thought it needed straps (that's why it almost didn't happen, but I won't go into it)...  Here's how it decided to turn out...
I've had these pants since I was 8 or 9.  I thought they were the COOLEST thing!   I used to drive my Dad (my Mom liked them) crazy wearing them everywhere!   (I mean everywhere!)   Those pants held a special memory that will be with me forever.  But sadly they didn't fit and were stuffed into my refashion box where they were hiding until I happened to spy!
So for this tutorial you could add straps, but as I said before they didn't wish to be on my bag...
Let's begin shall we?? 
Here's what you need:
1 pair of pants (jeans, cotton...etc.)
Sewing machine
Sew on Snaps
Scissors or rotary cutter and mat

Gather all your supplies! Lay your pants out flat and cut an even line directly above the crotch. Edited in later~~Be sure to save you pant bottoms! Waste not want not! wink!
It will should look like the image below... Get ready to sew!

 Turn your pants wrong side out and sew a 1/2" seam (I sewed my twice for support) all along to bottom edge.
 You clutch is almost ready!!!  Now sew on a snap to keep it closed AND you now have a one of a kind clutch!  
My sister is modeling the bag for me.  I think it goes great with her shirt! ;)
 I was thinking of all the different types of pants/jeans you could use!  Like a high waisted jean pant (the top would fold over), or even some rad colored pants (like mine)!



  1. You are so creative - I love this!! What do you plan to do with the rest of the pants? Maybe a matching wallet?? Haha :]

  2. You did a beautiful job transforming it into a clutch... now you can enjoy it even more. Love the awesome print of the fabric. Visiting from Show and Tell Friday... would love you to visit me sometime. Have a nice day!~Poppy

  3. Love this idea! My sister is clutch obsessed and this would be a great little gift for her! Thank you for sharing! Would you consider sharing this at my blog party Simply Creative over at 365 Days to Simplicity? I'd love it if you did!!


I <3 your kind words!! :)