Sunday, June 12, 2011

Message in a Bottle Necklace {Tutorial}

Today I am going to share a really simple and quick necklace tutorial... This idea came to me when I was at Hobby Lobby with my Mom...

The total cost of this necklace was less that $2. Why? Well, I was able to use two 40% off coupons (one per person, per day)!!  The total cost would have been just over $3 w/ tax..
There are many things that you could fill the bottle with but, I chose to do a classic take on this (the classic message in a bottle either had a map or script in it), but since you get two per package I did one out of fabric and one out of dyed rice.  You could easily fill them with sand, paper, fabric, beads, etc.

This necklace (the fabric one) took me five minutes to make and I recommend listening to this song

while making one.... get it!? ;)
Here's what you need:

One necklace chain, any size... mine was reg. $1.47
Glass bottle w/ cork... (they have different shapes too) reg. $1.47
One double or single jump ring... I used a double jump ring on both as I had them on hand. If you don't have them Hobby Lobby will, or Joann's.
Jewelry pliers
Whatever you wish to fill you bottle with: I used fabric and rice.
Headpin or pencil/pen

Gather your supplies and let's get started! :)

Not shown in the photo, jewelry pliers, jump ring(s), and fabric or rice.

Take your fabric and cut to size... I am using burlap that I stamped with fancy script.
 Trim any fabric "hairs".  Roll up tightly as it will need to fit into the small opening!

 Stuff into bottle... to get the last part in I used a headpin but, a pencil or pen would have worked too!

 Take your pliers and jump ring and attach to the headpin at the top of the cork.  If you have a thin chain you might be able to skip this step.

 Below, the jump ring has been attached to the cork.  Now take the cork and seal the bottle, making sure to seal it very tightly!!

 Slide the bottle onto you chain and you're done!!  But wait there's more! keep scrolling... :)

Want to do something different?? What about adding rice to the other bottle?

First I dyed the rice using a Tee Juice Marker (purple was the color used)... I set it on a paper towel and just started stamping.
 Stamping shown below.

 After the rice has been dyed and has dried, put it into the bottle and follow the same steps as above to attach the jump ring.
 I didn't use half as much of the rice as I dyed so I has some left over... they don't hold much, so be sure to consider this when choosing what to put into the bottle.

 and TA-DA! You now have TWO bottles that you can switch out on one chain! It's like a two in one deal! ;)




I <3 your kind words!! :)