Monday, August 22, 2011

Me from A to Z

My friend Paige posted this on her blog and I just had to join in on the fun! :)

A. age - fifteen

B. bed size - full

C. chore you hate - Pulling weeds!  It's a total bummer!

D. dogs - One, yellow lab.

E. essential start to your day - Fruit, smoothie, or juice. Raw people! ;)

F. favorite color - Fuschia! Bring. It. On.

G. gold or silver - SILVER!!! I really hate gold, which I guess considering the price is a good thing! lol!

H. height - 5.5 1/2.

I. instruments you play - none... but I love to rock it on band hero!

J. job title - owner of world shaking designs, blogger, sister, daughter, friend, chef, artist, model, joker. That's me all wrapped up!  :)

K. kids - not yet!!

L. live - in Kansas... that's in the USA a fyi!

M. is for Maegan!

N. nicknames - meggie sue, meg, chica.

O. overnight hospital stays - never! thank God! :)

P. pet peeve - chewing with you mouth open! AGH!!!

Q. quote
- Umm... I have lot's! ;)

R. righty or lefty - LEFTY!

S. siblings - 3.  Sister and Two Brothers.

T. time you wake up - 7-8

U. university attended -not yet but SOON!! :D

V. vegetables you dislike -celery!

W. what makes you run late - my family!

X. x-rays you’ve had - I broke my wrist (left one) by slipping in the mud.. yeah, not the best day.

Y. yummy food - Raw drinks!! I could live off of those! haha!
Z. Zoo animal - Tigers!! Do the roar please! ;)

That's me from A to Z! 

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